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Business Economics: Theory and Practice, 6th Edition, 2012,
Canbek Publications, ISBN: 978-0-9695506-2-4
By Kenneth N. Matziorinis
Price: $70.00


The Canadian Economic Chart Book: 1909-2009: A Graphic View of Canada’s Economic History, Canbek Publications, 2009, ISBN: 978-0-9695506-5-5
By Kenneth Matziorinis
Price: $15.00


Introduction to Macro Economics: An Applied Approach, 7th Edition, 2013,
Canbek Publications, ISBN: 978-0-9695506-4-8
By Kenneth N. Matziorinis
Price: $50.00


Introduction to Micro Economics: A Managerial Approach, 6th Edition, 2015,
Canbek Publications, ISBN: 978-0-9695506-3-1
By Kenneth N. Matziorinis
Price: $50.00


International Economic Relations: Theory and Global Environment, 2nd Edition, 2015.
Canbek Publications, 2015
By Kenneth N. Matziorinis
Price: $50.00


Macroeconomics: Theory and Practice, 4th Edition, 2007,
Canbek Publications, ISBN: 978-0-9695506-1-7

By Kenneth N. Matziorinis
Price: $50.00

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